Artwalk in Tio'tia:ke/09.05 to 10.12
Reshaping the relationship between artist and space.
Unmuted (Postponed)
Curated by:
Sticky Rice
Baillat Studio
Baillat Studio, 6250 Hutchison St suite 404

Launched in 2020, the Sticky Rice project is a new Montreal-based E-Zine and a non-profit organization that is hosting an online platform that aims to celebrate multiculturalism by bringing the experience of Canadians of Asian descent to the forefront, opening a conversation around what it means to be Asian-Canadian.

Personal flourishing is at the center of this collective exploration. It is through essays, interviews, and many other creative mediums that Sticky Rice will nourish a dynamic and constantly evolving dialogue around identity and culture. Ultimately, we hope to inspire people to have more compassion for themselves, as well as for their neighbours. 

We are a small group of friends who initially started this project with the goal of having fun and connecting with other people who shared our values. Our organization is an independent platform in which the direction is not made in a hierarchical manner but rather with a horizontal leadership. We welcome help coming from any direction. 

After all, when cooked right, sticky rice expands and holds together.

In the wake of rising racial tensions, the reacquaintance with the notion of the “model minority” urges a critical analysis of how it continues to be weaponized against racial solidarity. Because of the continuous silencing of Asian voices, art becomes a necessary means to disrupt and to oppose our erasure from the public sphere. In addition to presenting Sticky Rice Magazine’s debut volume, Unmuted presents the work of three Montreal-based Asian artists, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Yuki Kasai-Paré, and Thaïla Khampo, who, through the act of creating, actively contribute to our collective examination of the portrayal of the Asian diaspora in the West.

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