Artwalk in Tio'tia:ke/09.05 to 10.12
Reshaping the relationship between artist and space.
Pays Réel, Pays Rêvée
Curated by:
Miryam Charles
Cinéma Moderne (En Ligne)
En Ligne

In an ideal world, we would be united. In that world, life would be kinder, lighter . Then there is cinema, that shows that we are still far from this ideal, which is however not so difficult to reach.

Plage de sable Marie-Eve Juste | 2014 | 21 min
A group of friends spend the weekend in a remote cabin in the woods. One of them brings her young, black boyfriend, leading to forbidden games and revealing the prejudices lurking in a so-called progressive society. A beautiful and deeply disturbing film.

Pariah, my brother, I follow you, show me the route to the springs Esery Mondésir | 2019 | 20 min
The holiday season is fast approaching in Tijuana, Mexico where Saül and his father-in-law, Mathieu are getting ready for a busy day at the street market selling recycled tennis shoes. In the darkness of Dawn, the deserted road to the Market swells up with memories of their migration journey. After a long trek from Haiti, Brazil and nine other South and Central-American countries, they have been here two years, waiting for a chance to claim asylum in the US. We too shall wait for the sunrise, haunted by the words of Davertige, he too, a passer-by on The Route to the springs hoping to quench the thirst for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a simple human dream the Americans call theirs. Saul and Mathieu are not waiting; they build, they love, they live.

Cherche Femme Forte Marilyn Cooke | 2019 | 15 min
Nadège lacks the self-confidence to assert her desires… until the day she discovers a new passion that awakens the beast in her.

*Boiling Point is a BIPOC collective based in Montreal. By reclaiming the city’s space, BOILING POINT aspires to reshape minds by addressing the multiple artistic needs within the BIPOC and LGBTQ2S + communities.

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