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Reshaping the relationship between artist and space.
How it Feels
Curated by:
Projet Pangée
Projet Pangée
1305 Pine Ave W

Projet Pangée is thrilled to present How it Feels, a video-projection uniting the powerful works of Erika DeFreitas, Faye Mullen, Tabita Rezaire, and Fannie Sosa. Through their engaged videos and practices, the artists highlight various contrasted gestures that put forward the inherent potential for healing and resistance.  The upbeat video works titled I need this in my life by Fannie Sosa and Premium Connect by Tabita Rezaire explore the dynamic connections between organic, orgasmic, technological, scientific and spiritual systems. Through an addictive stream of found and filmed videos, Sosa and Rezaire tackle the prevailing structure of racism that permeates our society and invite the viewer to reconsider the politics of our bodies by decentering occidental authority and to find root in spirituality and pleasure.

Faye Mullen and Erika DeFreitas, on the other hand, boil down their gestures into one essential act. Both videos, forgive me for speaking in my own tongue/to practice the study of breathing by DeFreitas and Disappearance in Prose by Mullen, are centered around the notion of breathing. Through the matter-of-fact presence of DeFreitas and hence the one of those within marginalized communities, the artist questions their ability, choice and will to breathe, confronting us to the ongoing presence of systemic inequality. In Mullen’s time-based video performance from 2012, breathing has been divided into an inhale followed by a muted scream. By embodying silence itself, Mullen considers their Anishinaabe roots and the notions of imposed and resisted language. In choosing silence, their approach is to explore how contemplative gestures can become a powerful political tool.

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